A marina with a capacity for mooring close to 150 boats has been planned for the eastern shore of the peninsula and a section of the villas have been sited so as to have a view of the marina. However, in order to preserve the intimacy of the villas, the marina and its associated spaces (beach, cafe, restaurant etc.) will be accessed from the land via a separate entrance away from the villas.

It has been envisaged that the marina will serve primarily the owners of the villas and the remaining capacity will be open to other sailors.

During the design, construction, and operation of the marina, the same environmental and sustainable approach as in the project in general will be observed.


A 50 suite boutique hotel connected to the marina has been planned for the eastern slope of the peninsula. This hotel, which will be composed of solely suites, has been designed to answer the needs of both the owners of the villas and users of the marina, that may arise, such as a restaurant, bar, spa, gym, etc..

Negotiations with the world’s foremost hotelier groups are ongoing with regard to the operation of this special property.

Depending on the details of the engagement with the selected operator, villa owners may be offered services of convenience such as catering and housekeeping, upon request.

Construction of the Marina and the Hotel featured in the Project is subject to the permissions pending from the relevant authorities.